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You Have Heard of Dear Abby . . .

Now You can Try . . .
Posted by Norman Polsky on September 05, 2012 in No Category

„Dear Norm„

Get all  of your real estate questions answered  . . . . from title to mortgage  to sales questions . . .  just e-mail our broker at . . . 

The answeres will tthen be posted on this blog to help you and others who might have the same questions. 

(this of course will be done anonoysouly)

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Would A Career In Real Estate Sales Work for You?

Posted by Norman Polsky on February 21, 2016 in No Category

Watch This Short Video from agent in Ohio to give you some insight to This Profession:

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With All of the Recent Storms . . . . Check Our This Recent Article on Home Insurance

........ Make Sure you are protected
Posted by Norman Polsky on September 10, 2017 in No Category
5 Things That Might Make Your Home Insurance Null and Void Home insurance is essential, regardless of your house’s size or location. However, even if you have homeowners coverage in place, there are many reasons why your home insurance policy may become null and void. Here are a few to watch out for. 1.)  Keep Receipts of Your Belongings What good is home insurance if you can’t get the coverage you need for all of your possessions? Ultimately, you’ll need receipts to verify property ownership... read more
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Why Going For Sale by Owner Might not Be the Best Approach

Learn the benefits and the Pitfalls
Posted by Norman Polsky on July 22, 2012 in No Category
  For Sale by Owner:    Those that choose to sell their own homes often hope to avoid the commission paid to real estate agents. While those familiar with the housing market and process of selling a home may enjoy a successful sale, plenty of inexperienced home sellers have encountered nothing but headaches. Besides limiting the number of potential buyers, the decision to sell by owner has cost many homeowners incredible amounts of time, energy and money. Before you make your own decision, you m... read more
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Why Does Your Home Deserve a Virtual Tour?

Posted by Norman Polsky on August 07, 2012 in No Category
Why Your Home Deserves A VisualTour Selling your home or buying a home can be a big challenge these days. Frustrating. Time consuming. Exhausting. Nerve wracking. Especially if you try to go it alone or with outdated resources. VisualTour saves sellers and buyers time, adds convenience and security and gives both sides of the transaction peace of mind. For a home seller, your real estate agent can give your home maximum exposure to the largest number of potential home buyers. For home buyers, using our website s... read more
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